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6373 keer bezocht sinds 22 November 2011, 09:52
Naam Meansyouto Meansyouto
Geboortedatum 14-9-1980
Leeftijd 39
Woonplaats ????, Belgi

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21 Juli 2014, 11:11
kiss you lovermmuuuuuuuuaaaaahh
5 Maart 2013, 16:31

hello dear
How are you doing? my name is Anita, it is my pleasure to write you today.I will appreciate your friendship.I am very honest,caring,loving,I believe strongly in peace and human rights,love,music,reading and holidays etc. you can write mail to me through this email address ( i will be happy to reply you with my picture of me for future correspondence.
Hope to hear from you

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'time my felling '

Geplaatst 10 Februari 2012, 01:53

The commander took a look the shadow elephant on the screen wrinkly knit the brows, "can't in the lane of a little bit clearer?So can see probably?"The commander make ask of sorrow a way.This but one be very unique of fight!Can't you see an ability can't cherish?

"Can't, this was already the clear."Probe into a member to helplessly say.

The words of "you can't " commander haven't say that finish, that huge shadow moved for the beginning.See to isrunescape power leveling   an instauration good, everyone continuously looking at a screen afraid miss each small detail.

But my apostle drive my imagination of much stronger.The instauration speed is also very quick.Is really a kind of the living creature that the evolution arrive peak!I also station get up, put on battle armor first, immediately after be initiate absolute being sword to also take in hand inside.So my strength also immediately big increase.My preparation attack of time suddenly in my heart remind of a female of voice:"You are exactly who.Why want to help mankind!You root have already attained the state of absolute being.Why still need to reluctant to part with person's boundary?"I am everywhere sought nobody once, only the apostle use it that consumedly of eyes looking at me.I just the detection be it talking with me.Seeing to me despised it, can break my mental state protection and I talk.

"I like to stay your tube of wear?Return a like fruit you not an injury person here to leave words here, I immediately put you to walk otherwise don't blame me Don't mention it."Say that still put to put an of attack power.

"Bastard, this is you to ask for it."Say that finish be the energy light beam of a blue.Depend, how say a dozen dozen.I haven't come yet of and defense drive dozen just wear.The moment portrait is that the shell was similar to fly to go out.Cut through a few mansion.The end is 1 for bomb and a huge mushroom cloud appear a sky in city.

The secret base also was subjected to the spread of the earthquake."Depend, what strength.Even here can also felling arrive."The adjutant hand the wall of flank to curse and scold a way.

"Just of light beam if shoot our protections cover meeting how?Can set up with props?"Ask of commander strain way.His hasing never thought the apostle's strength is so strong.Connect distance there 100 kilometer this city can feel vibrate."With apostle to war of that Gao energy object return on the hoof?"The commander suddenly ask a way.

Probed into a member to immediately check to check to say:"Now didn'tyet way but recognize whether survival.I see is didn't possibility on the hoof.So strong attack.Have already become an ashes!"

"I think is also, return have much long time can instauration the portrait of the screen?"Commander also point nod to say.The shadow that see just and mankind is really like very much, if is that the mankind's words can'ted be certain to live.Be calculate absolute being will also get hurt!

"There are also 5 instauration.4, 3, 2 and 1.All right.Detection that Gao energy object still existence.Very stubborn vitality!Be subjected to so of attack, connected a protection cover and open of under the circumstance be subjected to so of attack will have no matter.Really severe!"Probe into the member marvel of say.Heard his words everyone shout."The commander calculation came out.If our protections cover ate this shot have already demolished.The root can not hold up."

"What?Can't connecting a shot set up with props?Now is see to to depend that Gao energy object.The all of hope is on his body."The commander pray of say.Immediately after everyone lookinged at a screen again.

"Depend, have to make wrong.Make to suddenly assault!Luckily put on helmet first, otherwise must be very painful.Eat me a recruit!The wing of Cang dragon!"Say that finishing my appeared a head of Ultrasaurus before the body.Immediately after Ultrasaurus dynasty the apostle be blunt.This recruited to turn energy entity, although the very difficult lane power return calculate can.The skill of the apostle hold up Ultrasaurus.But my Ultrasaurus will not give up so.The moment huge wing send out dazzling ray of light.The dynasty apostle's both sides clap.1 of bomb changed my mushroom cloud this time.Because is an explosion in the sky, but the power don't descend an apostle oneself just of attack."Ha ha, you think be my Ultrasaurus the bomb of suicide?Wrong, I said my move to be the wing of Cang dragon!Listen to the name know what to use to an attack to be a wing."I toward a mushroom cloud to say.

"Depend, what things!The attack this time and last time attack root be similar.If he use these strengths a while if apostle have no matter, he not settled for the dead."The someone in the base isn't understand of say.But everyone's is to think like this can still continuously looking at a screen what also don't say.

Wait me see clear apostle of time, I see it have already been bleeding.However don't know to be to isn't a blood, because what to come out be the liquid of blue."Do you still want to beat?You have already got hurt.Can't win me.I see you or leave this star good."I persuade a way.

But the somebody else is to don't appreciate favors given.Roar 1 to I blunt come over.I am very quick of once hid itbuy runescape gold    of each attack see to it have already lost reasonableness.Now of the attack can say that is with a wild beast nothing important that have no brains differentiation."See, need not I kill you and you also are walking to a head by yourself."I see the evidence that the place that it bleed healed at all and on the contrary return at extension wound.

But to put still confused attack I.But I be then light loose of stayed away it of attack.Led a short while stop attack, I also stop to in the sky looking at it of death.But what I have never thought was a hand suddenly from that body inside string to come out, grasp in hand me."How possibility?You not wanted to die?"Say of my flounder.

The apostle gathered together a head to come over to say me:"Ha ha, you see by yourself!I just didn't be so easy dead!"The outer shell saying pair of outside to lane come down.The apostle in nowadays canned be said to be smaller.Although still aer lot of than me big, ratio is originally a little bit small.The color also became a blue.

"What?Just you are intentionally so confused attack I.Let me think you be a dead front of flounder BE?Originally just evolution!Perhaps saying shed skin just."I shockedly say.I would top so of be.Flub!

"Ha ha, your dead!"Say that finish enlargement the strength on the hand.Because I am to be hold tight carelessly of so the nothing important take precautions against.Now can say of dead fish 1.

"Damned!Ten thousand sword definitely-ten thousand swords return a!" Say that finish a hand up of the sword flew to air and become 10,000 sword empress re- match again to together become a pair of huge sword.It immediately after be a sword to stab on the apostle's hand.Apostle a painful relaxed the strength on the hand, I multiplied by this opportunity to fly to go out.Immediately after again flew sword to accept back.The wound that is on the enemy's hand is very quick and then healed."Good insurance!Almost died.Good, now I had no time to play with you.Settle victory or defeat while recruit!Burning-dragon-shot!"Say that finish make the sword toward the apostle point, the moment compress strength into sword.But apostle also at preparation oneself of attack.The time wait me shoot also launched an attack.However I attack of the speed be much quicker than it, it of attack just arrive leave oneself still not arrive ten meter of time my attack have already shot it of attack, moment mightiness of explosion pair of the whole city Yi is flat ground.The whole star all is shiver!The dune city is assault by Gao Da4's tidal wave, volcano auto of eruption!Return true want is a star of demolish!But my person be also blown several 100 place out of the insides.Explosion, volcano eruption and tidal wave keep on just stopped down for an hour.

Looking at the barren hungriness of my underneath."Ha ha, have never thought power so big.I if drive positive words within dozen's being certain will vomit a people's blood!"I a think a part with the breeze escape past.My viewpoint if is know by the apostle of the words be certain spirit of throw up blood.The attack that is just can it of with all strength one shot, but I be the most is throw up blood you to say an apostle to can throw up blood first by himself[herself]?

"Boon?Fry of even does the corpse also have no?Is really pathetic!Calculated, come out not a few time also should return.Otherwise the certain meeting be scold by them."I took a look the whole desert, ha ha, just formation of.Have already haded no the apostle's figure and then want to go home.Anyway the mission was a completion.Also the nothing important is a lot of to treat.

The inside of the secret base."Commander, just got intelligence report, the volcano of world all eruption nearly more than a hour.The tidal wave is also this time.The power of explosion is really astonishing!"Probe into the member looking at the desert on the screen to marvel of say.

"Yes, hope that living creature is friendly of."The commander is much really a misgiving.

"How possibility.Commander, apostle's returning on the hoof directions is that Gao energy object of positive under."Probe into a member to shockedly looking at the data of instrument.

"What?So mightiness of can't the explosion kill it?"The commander is shocked of stand up.Immediately after again had no of dint bottom to go to.Because he see me have already been again held tight.

"Bastard, you isn't a deathless body!Dozen how deathless!"I was most shocked.Don't think can go home, now arrive good is grasped again.Luckily the nobody see and want to be not ugly big.

"I want you to bury along with together!"Say that finish beginning from explode.Originally my attack broked through it of attack then again pierced it of heart pit.Have no heart a pit can't live for a long time.So it just hide, think with my dead.The moment apostle's whole body gave out light for the beginning."Ha ha, tell you a secret.If my dead, the other apostle come out for the meeting.Although have no me violent.But this star top only you can threat arrive they, if have no you of words the nothing important be very afraid of."Say that finish explosion.The power of explosion with just about.But at this time my felling arrive to have dark of strength.Must be what devil king use.Can now I am in therunescape accounts    scope of the explosion.Can't do accurate of move.Depend, so let him run.Etc. explosion later on I already not at at first, but at meeting house of road top.

"What about person?Gao energy how to disappear object?"The commander is frightened I am to come to attack here.Ask of strain way:"Quick check, must find out him."

"Report, the other party good the elephant declined to the strength minimum.Have nothing to do to catch directions."Probe into say of member disappointment.

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